Rusty Gorman


A graduate of Northwestern University with a Masters degree in Film Production from the University of Southern California, Rusty Gorman showed much versatility early in his career, directing a wide range of projects - from a sports-themed short film entitled Sportsman's Field, which took high honors at the Chicago Access Film Festival, Houston International Film Festival, and the Canadian International Film Festival, to a CD-ROM interactive game film for Atari and Warner Brothers, a rock video and numerous industrial/promotional films followed by the co-production of three short comic films with actor/director Chris Elliott for the David Letterman Show.

Rusty also proved to be a success at directing commercials, working with clients like Introspect,
Z. Cavaricci, Zodiac Footwear, Maneuvers, The Chicago Wolves and The American Health Network.

Nine of his spots aired nationally including Teva Sports Sandal's "Free Your Feet" which won a prestigious Telly award.

Gorman moved on to motion pictures when he worked as the marine unit director of the movie MADISON starring Jim Caviezel in 2001, directing the critical boat-race finale of the picture. Continuing his career writing screenplays - a
screenplay based on the 1924 US Olympic Rugby team, screen adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel, Food of the Gods for producers Hal Lieberman and Jonathan Mostow, original screenplay First Ghost for Sony Pictures and producer Doug Wick, Rusty then wrote and directed
a feature-length narrative film starring Haley Joel Osment, named HOME OF THE GIANTS.

He followed his first full-feature motion picture with a presentation pilot for reality TV show titled Hotel California.



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